Using custom forum member display names

Django-machina uses the standard User.get_username() method (see here) whenever it has to display forum member user names through the forums. This behaviour can be easily changed to anything you want by setting the MACHINA_USER_DISPLAY_NAME_METHOD setting to another method available on your project’s User model. That said if your logic to generate user display names is not defined on your project’s User model, you can still customize forum member display names. To do so you’ll have to override the forum_member application and define a new forum_member.shortcuts.get_forum_member_display_name shortcut function. This is a very simple function that takes a single user instance as input and that returns the corresponding display name.

As an example, let’s say we want to display the users’ full names instead of raw usernames using an hypothetical get_user_full_name function.

The first thing to do is to override the forum_member application using the steps described in Overriding an application. Once this is done, you can create a file in your local forum_member application and defines a get_forum_member_display_name function in it. As stated before, this function should take a single user model instance as input and return the appropriate display name:

def get_forum_member_display_name(user):
    """ Given a specific user, returns their related display name. """
    return get_user_full_name(user)

Once the above function is defined, django-machina’s templates will automatically use it to display the names of forum members.